No matter how hard a school works to ensure the safety of the students, accidents and injuries can occur and schools are at risk for lawsuits both frivolous and sound


With risk exposures that span from buildings, office assets, teaching and support staff, students, third parties to reputation of the name, schools need bespoke insurance solution to protect themselves, their staff and students in their care.


Walton Insurance can help you protect your interests by providing both property and liability insurance specific to your individual risks.


Why partner with us;


  • We’ll work with your institution to ensure you get answers to all of your important questions.
  • We’ll help you to address the insurance risks unique to educational institutions.
  • We’ll offer you a full line-up of A-rated insurer partners – all of which have a specialty within the school insurance market.
  • Complimentary services, including risk management and loss prevention training for employees


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