Group life assurance (GLA) is a valuable addition to your employee benefit program. It is an inexpensive way to let your employees know that their loved ones will be taken care of in the event of their death. Often it may be the only life insurance they own.


Our knowledge and experience can help you select the right group life insurance plan that is both affordable for your business and appreciated by your employees.


What is Group Life Insurance Cover?


Group life insurance provides for lump sum payments in the event that an employee dies while still in the service of the organization. This coverage will provide a benefit to the beneficiaries (next of kin) if the covered individual dies during the defined covered period.


Group Life Insurance is a product often undertaken by an organization for its employees.


What is covered under Group Life Insurance


  • Death from any cause (illness or accident)
  • Permanent Total Disability (in the event an employee is permanently disabled)
  • Last expense/Funeral Expenses
  • Critical illness cover (in the event an employee is critically ill and cannot work)


What are the benefits to employers?


  • Alleviate the financial distress that might befall the dependants of an employee upon his/her death.
  • To enable employers to attract and retain high quality staff as the employees feel they are cared for.
  • Gives peace of mind to the employees and hence are more productive.
  • Provides a full proof 24 hours cover against death/disability resulting from accident and diseases.
  • Automatic addition/deletion for members joining/leaving the scheme after commencement date.
  • Premiums paid on an employee’s behalf by the employer are not treated as taxable benefits.
  • You are prepared to assist employees’ families at their most vulnerable time without necessarily incurring extra costs.


What are the benefits to employees?


  • The cover provides peace of mind and reassurance
  • The family’s financial future is secured through the payments of the benefits in the case of demise of the bread winner.


How do I start?


Walton Insurance will assess your needs and give you options. Give us a call or email us and one of our friendly staff will help you get the best cover at the right price.

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