Are you held to a higher standard? Regardless of your level of experience, mistakes can happen. You may unintentionally breach privacy, make an error of judgement or provide incorrect advice. In the unfortunate event that your business faces allegations of negligence or instances of professional malpractice, the financial penalties and reputational damage can be significant no matter what size your business is.


Businesses that provide opinions, advice, design or specification run the risk of claims against them if the advice or design turns out to be unsatisfactory. This can happen to the most fastidious and capable of professionals


That’s why Walton insurance will work hard to deliver expert risk advice, unrivalled service and the placement of a smart, tailor-made Professional Indemnity policy to protect you and your business should something unexpected happen.


What does Professional Indemnity Insurance cover?


Professional Indemnity Insurance (also called Errors & Omissions Insurance) protects your business from the legal costs and claims for liabilities associated with allegations of negligence, professional.


  • Legal costs incurred in the defense and investigation of a PI claim
  • Any compensation required to be paid by the Insured in order to dispose of a PI claim


Even if you’re not at fault, you may have to spend significant amounts on legal fees to prove that the liability isn’t yours.


Who counts as an expert?


Any business or individual providing advice or design to their clients should consider a professional indemnity insurance policy. This includes: Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers, Architects, Consultants, Land Surveyors, Quantity Surveyors, Project managers, Medical providers, Brokers, Valuers, Investment advisers or managers, Real estate agents, Business coaches and Software and website designers.


Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?


If you are a professional, across any industry, that gives advice or provides a service you run the risk of being sued.


Having indemnity cover for your business will safeguard your finances and reputation, giving you piece of mind in the unfortunate event a claim is made against you or one of your employees.


How do I start?


Let our knowledge and experience help you protect all that you’ve worked so hard to create. Call or email us.

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